1. Only Use What You have

in your fridge and freezer. Most of us have at least 2 weeks of possible meals we can make from scratch in our fridge, freezer and from the kitchen cupboards. Take a free morning make a list of what you have in. If you simply had a “cupboard night” or a “freezer night” each week, then you could save easily.

2. Meal Plan

Just planning out your meals can drastically change how much you spend on your food every week. If you plan then you can shop for exactly what you need, you can take into account leftovers and make use of them in meals later in the week, and generally cut what you need to buy. If you only do one thing from this article – make it planning your meals! Here are some more money saving quick tips.

3. Check out Supermarket Offers

There’s nothing wrong in bulk buying things when they are on offer – yes, you spend more at the time, but when you are buying what you buy weekly anyway, then over time you are saving money on your staples. The trick is to only buy things on offer if you actually needed them in the first place. You should also check what you already have in your cupboards I found I had 5 tins of cocoanut milk which I might only use 3-4 times in a year. Look out for free offer and BOGOS’s here

4. Portion Sizes Matter

Now, it’s easy to concentrate on what’s in your shopping trolley each week, and trying to cut the amount you spend, but actually starting with how much you eat can not only have an impact on your wallet it can also give you a health boost. Most of us eat far too large portions when we cook for ourselves (I use far too much rice and pasta for example), and just cutting back a little means that your food will automatically last longer, so you will need to buy less.

5. Use Loyalty Cards and Offers

So many shops now have their own loyalty cards that can give you money off, or vouchers or other incentives – and if you use these each time you shop along with a credit card that gives you money back when you spend, then you may find that you can save enough for the larger shops of the year. I save my store card loyalty offer for example Tesco I used for the triple up converting to meals at Zizzi or Pizza Express . I also purchased my break down cover with my loyalty vouchers for the AA. Look for more moneysaving tips click on here

6. Use Seasonal Produce

Fresh fruit and veg is often a lot cheaper when it’s in season – and it’s easy to forget what is in season and what’s not when everything is so readily available in the supermarkets now. This site is a great one to check for what’s best to buy now, and you will often find that it tastes so much better when in season as well as being cheaper! Eating fresh seasonal produce is also better for your digestion more tips are available here https://moneymoo.info/10-foods-for-better-digestion/

7. Get an allotment or use your Garden

However much outside space you have, whether it be a huge garden or a window box – you can use it to grow some of your food and save money this way.

A great way to get started is to have a herb garden. Most supermarkets sell herbs in pots and planting them means you can get loads of herbs on tap whenever you want them (and you can freeze them as well). This alone can save loads on buying herbs as and when you need them, and adding herbs to your food can really give your taste buds a treat. For some healthy eating tips please visit https://moneymoo.info/10-foods-for-better-digestion/

8. Bake your own Cakes

Getting into the habit of baking a cake each weekend (or once a month) then freezing slices (or muffins/cupcakes etc…) can save you money as you can simply grab how many you need when guests come over. Another great trick is to make cookie mixture and freeze.

Defrost as you need it and bake, then you have gorgeous freshly baked cookies for a fraction of the price, and your home is filled with that lovely freshly baked smell when people visit. It’s also a great way to get the kids interested in cooking.

9. Buy Frozen it is almost always cheaper

Frozen fruit and veg is usually a lot cheaper than the fresh equivalent, and usually has more of the nutritional value as it has been frozen when picked so hasn’t had time to lose vitamins and freshness. If you get into the habit of buying frozen then you can have your 5 a day much more simply!

10. Stop Buying Ready Meals

Ready made meals are often not very satisfying and are far too expensive to have often. The better way of doing ready made is to freeze your own home made meals in portion sizes so you can have what you want when you want it. This is much cheaper and healthier. I freeze Chill Curry Stews Cottage Pie Filling etc  ready to use when I need it.

For more money saving tips and tricks please visit https://lifechangingsidehustle.com/7-ways-to-reduce-your-food-budget/

and save on your plastic waste take a look http://alifelessplastic.co.uk/eco-friendly-swaps-in-the-kitchen-washing-up/